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Principal's Message

Last year as we officially launch as a science and technology academy, our mission is to “prepare kids for the future with inquiry-based curriculum that fosters curiosity and technology-enabled problem-solving.” Our vision is to nurture life-long learners that will travel far. Teachers will engage in Discovery Education/STEM training over the next three years so that we will advance interdisciplinary learning in the classroom that is focused on the integration of science and technology.


Students' curiosity and wonder about our world and how to solve the world's problems will be captivated through hands-on engagement and action research projects.  We are in the process of installing an innovative lab which students will be able to use for their class projects including codepillars, green screen videos, 3-D printer, robotics, and mini iPads. The new lab will be unveiled at Back to School Night.  We are also fortunate to partner over with our business partner, Shea Properties to update and freshen our learning and native gardens.  Please check them out! 


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at: or drop by the front office.



Kristen Nelson
Principal, RH Dana Elementary

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