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  • Chromebooks for every student
  • Teachers trained on Google
  • Students create Google Drive/Digital Portfolios
  • Variety of electronic learning programs offered


1:1 Chromebooks for all Grades

Our school offers Chromebook devices for each Kindergarten through 5th grade student with wireless access to the Internet throughout the campus. Students use technology to support their research and  present their findings to authentic audiences.  When students graduate, they will have an organized Google Drive (digital portfolio) to take with them to their secondary educational programs. Additionally, students have access to a variety of software programs to assist with learning including coding, Typing Agent, Fastt Math (math facts), Fraction Nation (fractions/decimals), Accelerated Reader (reading comprehension), Imagine Learning (literacy skills/fluency), Earobics (Phonemic awareness), and Ticket to Read (vocabulary/ELD).  

Interdisciplinary Curriculum
Interdisciplinary Curriculum